A new year of live music!


A huge thank you for your support in 2014. Week after week we are humbled by the support of our community for live, original music. Thanks for all your support in 2014 .

We are so excited to be presenting another year of quality performances at the cafe for 2015. Be sure to have a look at our schedule and check back for updates.




The Lion The Bear The Fox live!


Streaming Cafe is proud to present the The Lion The Bear The Fox on Friday, June 6
8pm showtime
Tickets $10 +fees. 

the lion the bear the fox took over thirty years to find each other, but only one month for Christopher Arruda (the lion), Cory Woodward (the bear) and Ryan McMahon (the fox) to realize they were meant to join their voices as one. The Nanaimo Daily News calls the trio “a musical force of nature” to be reckoned with. With over three decades combined experience, the trio are currently immersed in production for their debut EP ‘We’d Be Good Men’, release date October 1st of this year. 2013 will be the year the lion the bear the fox bring their heartfelt songs and larger than life sound to the rugged Canadian terrain that continues to inspire them.


Visual Artist of the Month- Nils Loewen


The Streaming Cafe has new photography on our walls for the month of April by Nils Loewen! Come to the cafe to see his photos in person.


‘Cloudscapes’ by Nils Loewen

“There is always more than the eye or the camera can see. Through layered exposures and digital manipulation, unseen colours and depth emerge to reflect reality – that there is always more than we can see.

Nils moved from Winnipeg to the Okanagan in 2012 to play cello in the duo ‘Windborn’. He is now involved in the musical and artistic community of Kelowna as much as possible between extensive touring and summers spent treeplanting.”

Contact Nils Loewen at nilswloewen@gmail.com


5 Years & Still Kicking


5 years

This month marks the fifth year since we opened the doors of the cafe to the public. It has been an amazing pleasure to see our space develop not only into a respected music venue, but a place for our local community to experience and exchange in arts, culture, technology and good coffee!

Taking on year five, I can’t help but feel reflective  (and maybe brag a bit)  on what we have been able to share with so many. Since pulling our first espresso in 2009, we have had the pleasure of hosting over 450 performers, each one of those live performances living on longer then just the moment – being live streamed and cataloged for future viewing and listening pleasure (Our youtube is boasting over 1.3 million views). What excites me most about those numbers is too know that we may have served a small part in promoting and sharing Canadian music to so many. Show after show, I am humbled by the consistent crowd that comes out in support of live original independent music. Our audience (you!) have been such a huge part in creating our space – a venue to come listen and discover. Week after week, our performing artists comment on what a great listening audience we have. So thank you!

For the last five years our Saturday night shows have been free to attend. You may or may not know that we pay our artists to come and perform at the cafe week after week. Starting in April there will be a small door cover charge of just $5, with all proceeds going directly into the artists pocket.

We hope to continue to bring quality live music to Kelowna for many years to come, so thank you for your continued support and passion for the music scene.

woodThe formation of our Wood Wall (yes, it’s real!)


Visual Artist of the Month- Marissa Baerg


The Streaming Cafe is excited to have the artwork of Marissa Baerg on display for the remainder of march! Marissa paints beautiful imagery and scenic landscapes with coffee pigments.  Come to the Streaming Cafe to see her work in person.

Marissa Baerg

“Adventure, Exploration, Beauty, Design , Journey, Creativity, Untamed, Diversity

These are some of the words that have been defining characteristics in Marissa’s life. She is an adventurer at heart and has had the privilege of traveling and living all over the world. As a self-taught artist with a love for variety and experimentation, she is often seen trying out new styles and techniques. Having explored many diverse cultures, her inspiration can often come from the most unique places.
Her newest series of paintings was originally influenced during a recent trip to Mexico. She encountered a local Mexican artist that was exploring coffee as his painting medium. She was intrigued and idea stuck with her. Since then Marissa has taken the idea of painting with coffee and incorporated it into her art.”


If you’d like to participate in her artistic journey please feel free to contact her.

marissa.baerg@gmail.com    |     mismariss.wix.com/altai-artistry    |    778-214-6519


Visual Artist of the Month- Andrew Lipsett


The Streaming Cafe is pleased to have the photography of Andrew Lipsett up on the walls for the month of December!  We invite you to join us for an art reception on December 11th at the Streaming Cafe to meet the artist and view his work! unnamed

“Ever since Andrew Lipsett was a small child he loved photos. Seeing the process of family portraits being taken, the documenting of vacations, and pictures being taken around the house. Then the next step, with the film being sent away. The excitement of opening the envelope when the processed film arrived back to see the slides, if his father had taken them, or prints if his mother had taken them! At that point his mother would add to the photo album, or if that one was too full, make a new photo album. Andrew loved going through those photos then as much as he does today, decades later. His life and families life documented in 1/250 of second increments, photos that trigger memories, photos that never fade like memories can. Each one has a story, not just documenting a moment, but documenting a day or a month, perhaps a vacation or a wedding, a family event or a new home. The whole thing in one or two pictures! Amazing!

Andrew still remembers buying his first “126” camera for $12 when he was 14 and then buying his first 35 mm camera one day after his 16th birthday. He subscribed to two photo magazines so he could learn how to improve his skills and then proceeded to take a LOT of landscape, family portraits and general scenery pictures! Weddings of family friends and then personal friends provided a great opportunity to expand creatively.

Andrew loves capturing the moment in time, the essence of a person during a portrait session or candid moments during a wedding. Freezing perfect light coming through the window of a home, or landscapes with a vineyard being lit by the early morning sun or the setting sun over the lakes of the Okanagan. The technical side of a commercial shoot, and the imagination to create an emotional link between the viewer and the product. ”

Contact Andrew Lipsett at:
250-864-4043   |  info@lipsettphotographygroup.com    |    www.lipsettphotographygroup.com



Ezra Kwizera live at Streaming Cafe


ezra_11x17 copyRwandan World Beat and Reggae artist Ezra Kwizera is returning to Kelowna to promote his brand new CD release entitled REFUGE. Ezra was a huge smash at the Lille Gard festival in the summer and we are thrilled that he will be returning to our area so soon again.

The concert will be at the Streaming Cafe and will also be streamed live for those not in town. There will be a $10 cover at the door.






Visual Artist of the Month- Hanss Lujan


HanssThe Streaming Cafe is excited to have the photography of Hanss Lujan on our walls for the remainder of September!  Hanss Lujan has recently returned from traveling in Peru where he explored his cultural roots and spiritual heritage.

“Ukukus: Hungry Earth, Vengeful Stars”

Hanss Lujan is a wanderer within his own culture. During a 2-month trip back home to Peru, he took part in several ceremonial festivals and pilgrimages; it was then that he encountered the Ukukus.

The Ukuku plays a pivotal role in the reciprocity and nurturance of spirituality of the Cusco Region of Peru. In Andean mythology, the Ukuku personifies mediation between the underworld and the present world. His persona is informed by the dualities of the universe.

According to the myth, they are the offspring of a mountain bear and a peasant woman. This duality gives them a strong perspective of both the natural world and the human one, however it also limits them. This half man, half beast is not civilized enough to live amongst the humans and not wild enough to join the animal packs. He is seen as a mediator between two worlds

The Ukukus are performers as well as supervisors of the ceremonies. They command and maintain the order of the festivals. However the Ukuku himself is a genuine prankster who innocently plays in the fiesta, joining the dances and games played during the festival. This marks him as the mediator between order and disorder.

This exhibition documents their performances and ceremonies throughout the festival of Qoyllur Rit’i in the Sinkara Valley and the festival of the Virgen del Carmen in Paucartambo.


Hanss Lujan is a 23-year-old artist from Cusco, Peru. He recently graduated from the University of British Columbia, Okanagan with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts and a Minor in Art History and Visual Culture. His research topics include Andean spirituality, transcendence and the exploration of memory.

Feel free to contact the artist regarding inquiries on any of the photos presented.

hansslujan@gmail.com |250.826.0995| www.hanssl.com

Come to The Streaming Cafe to see Hanss’ photography in person!


Visual Artist of the Month: Desiree Wagner


desWe are pleased to have the work of Desiree Wagner up on our walls for the remainder of august! Desiree creates beautiful and vibrant work that is sculptural with the use of multiple mediums, such as rocks and mineral compounds.

“Authenticity and spirituality are the core focus of my artistic practice and expression. I am consistently immersing positive and meditative energies in to my work during the process of creation. I believe my practice offers self-meditation and flow in creative forces from my higher self. I am extremely fascinated by the formation of geological rock and crystal matter. I believe this matter is extremely sacred and is given to us over millions of years of sedimentation and fossilization from mother earth. My paintings replicate the crystal and fossilization process by creating many layers, textures, and even the crushing of mineral material and imbedding it within the surface. Crystals and minerals also carry around cleansing and recharging energies. I believe it is important for all individuals to understand the process and the purity of these structures. I hold them very dear to my soul. Color is a mode great communication, and I strongly believe in using many different colors and tones that might not necessarily go together, but once finished each color communicates and forms a particular language between the others. My paintings are a direct source of vibrancy, beauty, and a unique communication between the surface and myself. Through the use of color, texture, form and mineral material this series offers an appreciation of the blessed space that we are living on- EARTH.”

Come and visit the Streaming Cafe and see her work in person!


Visual Artist of the Month: Jackie Poirier



We are very excited to have the work of Jackie Poirier on display in the cafe for the month of July. Jackie’s photographs explore the intricacies and imperfections of architecture in a dichromatic palette.

Jackie Poirier is a graduate of Fine Arts and Education from the University of Lethbridge, Alberta.  Here, she trained in a wide variety of media and found her love for photography and graphic design. The University’s unique program prepared her to teach from Kindergarten to Grade 12 and led her to follow her passion for teaching young emerging artists in the Okanagan. She has been teaching Visual and Graphic Arts at the senior secondary level since the Fall of 2008.  Teaching Art has not only allowed her to share her love for the arts with her students, but it has consistently fueled her own learning, creativity, and has inspired her to continue on her path as an active artist today.

Currently, Jackie is exploring the effects of time on modern urban existence.  Perceiving a city as an amalgamation of layers allows us to see its harmonious diversity, as well as, its beautiful imperfections.  Juxtapositions of the old and the new; organic and mechanical forms; and grungy textures with clean lines are recurring themes among many of her works.

Limited edition prints are available for all works, framed or unframed.  Commissions welcome. Private and group lessons available.  Please feel free to contact me via phone, email, or drop by heART school Kelowna for inquiries.

info@jackiepoirier.com  |  250.864.9026  |  jackiepoirier.com

Come down to the Streaming Cafe and view her work in person!