Visual Artist of the Month- Elysse Bujold


We have new photography on our walls for the month of august by local artist Elysse Bujold!  Elysse explores abstract photography, capturing natural elements with the use of mirrors and light.  Come down to the Streaming Cafe to see her work in person!


Elysse is a photographer who resides in the beautiful Okanagan valley. Originally born and raised in Guelph, Ontario, she moved to British Columbia when she was eighteen to further her artistic passions and abilities. After struggling through many different mediums, she finally found her niche in abstract photography. Elysse works with mirrors, and natural water resources to produce images that are affected by the movement of water, which continuously alters the image and model. With each image, the state of the water changes aspects of the human form. It may elongate limbs, blur faces, remove aspects of the model’s form altogether, and even make them completely unrecognizable.  Her love of abstract photography, black and white imagery, and the use of light and water together are all important aspects to her photo based creations. She has made Kelowna her home and plans on staying in BC to further her education as well as her artist practice.”

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Visual Artist of the Month- Nils Loewen


The Streaming Cafe has new photography on our walls for the month of April by Nils Loewen! Come to the cafe to see his photos in person.


‘Cloudscapes’ by Nils Loewen

“There is always more than the eye or the camera can see. Through layered exposures and digital manipulation, unseen colours and depth emerge to reflect reality – that there is always more than we can see.

Nils moved from Winnipeg to the Okanagan in 2012 to play cello in the duo ‘Windborn’. He is now involved in the musical and artistic community of Kelowna as much as possible between extensive touring and summers spent treeplanting.”

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Visual Artist of the Month- Andrew Lipsett


The Streaming Cafe is pleased to have the photography of Andrew Lipsett up on the walls for the month of December!  We invite you to join us for an art reception on December 11th at the Streaming Cafe to meet the artist and view his work! unnamed

“Ever since Andrew Lipsett was a small child he loved photos. Seeing the process of family portraits being taken, the documenting of vacations, and pictures being taken around the house. Then the next step, with the film being sent away. The excitement of opening the envelope when the processed film arrived back to see the slides, if his father had taken them, or prints if his mother had taken them! At that point his mother would add to the photo album, or if that one was too full, make a new photo album. Andrew loved going through those photos then as much as he does today, decades later. His life and families life documented in 1/250 of second increments, photos that trigger memories, photos that never fade like memories can. Each one has a story, not just documenting a moment, but documenting a day or a month, perhaps a vacation or a wedding, a family event or a new home. The whole thing in one or two pictures! Amazing!

Andrew still remembers buying his first “126” camera for $12 when he was 14 and then buying his first 35 mm camera one day after his 16th birthday. He subscribed to two photo magazines so he could learn how to improve his skills and then proceeded to take a LOT of landscape, family portraits and general scenery pictures! Weddings of family friends and then personal friends provided a great opportunity to expand creatively.

Andrew loves capturing the moment in time, the essence of a person during a portrait session or candid moments during a wedding. Freezing perfect light coming through the window of a home, or landscapes with a vineyard being lit by the early morning sun or the setting sun over the lakes of the Okanagan. The technical side of a commercial shoot, and the imagination to create an emotional link between the viewer and the product. ”

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Visual Artist of the Month- Hanss Lujan


HanssThe Streaming Cafe is excited to have the photography of Hanss Lujan on our walls for the remainder of September!  Hanss Lujan has recently returned from traveling in Peru where he explored his cultural roots and spiritual heritage.

“Ukukus: Hungry Earth, Vengeful Stars”

Hanss Lujan is a wanderer within his own culture. During a 2-month trip back home to Peru, he took part in several ceremonial festivals and pilgrimages; it was then that he encountered the Ukukus.

The Ukuku plays a pivotal role in the reciprocity and nurturance of spirituality of the Cusco Region of Peru. In Andean mythology, the Ukuku personifies mediation between the underworld and the present world. His persona is informed by the dualities of the universe.

According to the myth, they are the offspring of a mountain bear and a peasant woman. This duality gives them a strong perspective of both the natural world and the human one, however it also limits them. This half man, half beast is not civilized enough to live amongst the humans and not wild enough to join the animal packs. He is seen as a mediator between two worlds

The Ukukus are performers as well as supervisors of the ceremonies. They command and maintain the order of the festivals. However the Ukuku himself is a genuine prankster who innocently plays in the fiesta, joining the dances and games played during the festival. This marks him as the mediator between order and disorder.

This exhibition documents their performances and ceremonies throughout the festival of Qoyllur Rit’i in the Sinkara Valley and the festival of the Virgen del Carmen in Paucartambo.


Hanss Lujan is a 23-year-old artist from Cusco, Peru. He recently graduated from the University of British Columbia, Okanagan with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts and a Minor in Art History and Visual Culture. His research topics include Andean spirituality, transcendence and the exploration of memory.

Feel free to contact the artist regarding inquiries on any of the photos presented. |250.826.0995|

Come to The Streaming Cafe to see Hanss’ photography in person!