Visual Artist of the Month- Marissa Baerg


The Streaming Cafe is excited to have the artwork of Marissa Baerg on display for the remainder of march! Marissa paints beautiful imagery and scenic landscapes with coffee pigments.  Come to the Streaming Cafe to see her work in person.

Marissa Baerg

“Adventure, Exploration, Beauty, Design , Journey, Creativity, Untamed, Diversity

These are some of the words that have been defining characteristics in Marissa’s life. She is an adventurer at heart and has had the privilege of traveling and living all over the world. As a self-taught artist with a love for variety and experimentation, she is often seen trying out new styles and techniques. Having explored many diverse cultures, her inspiration can often come from the most unique places.
Her newest series of paintings was originally influenced during a recent trip to Mexico. She encountered a local Mexican artist that was exploring coffee as his painting medium. She was intrigued and idea stuck with her. Since then Marissa has taken the idea of painting with coffee and incorporated it into her art.”


If you’d like to participate in her artistic journey please feel free to contact her.    |    |    778-214-6519


Visual Artist of the Month: Desiree Wagner


desWe are pleased to have the work of Desiree Wagner up on our walls for the remainder of august! Desiree creates beautiful and vibrant work that is sculptural with the use of multiple mediums, such as rocks and mineral compounds.

“Authenticity and spirituality are the core focus of my artistic practice and expression. I am consistently immersing positive and meditative energies in to my work during the process of creation. I believe my practice offers self-meditation and flow in creative forces from my higher self. I am extremely fascinated by the formation of geological rock and crystal matter. I believe this matter is extremely sacred and is given to us over millions of years of sedimentation and fossilization from mother earth. My paintings replicate the crystal and fossilization process by creating many layers, textures, and even the crushing of mineral material and imbedding it within the surface. Crystals and minerals also carry around cleansing and recharging energies. I believe it is important for all individuals to understand the process and the purity of these structures. I hold them very dear to my soul. Color is a mode great communication, and I strongly believe in using many different colors and tones that might not necessarily go together, but once finished each color communicates and forms a particular language between the others. My paintings are a direct source of vibrancy, beauty, and a unique communication between the surface and myself. Through the use of color, texture, form and mineral material this series offers an appreciation of the blessed space that we are living on- EARTH.”

Come and visit the Streaming Cafe and see her work in person!


Visual Artist of the Month: Jolene Mackie


Jolene in studioWe are happy to have the wonderful artwork of Jolene Mackie up on our walls for the month of June! Jolene’s work explores the vast unknown of the sea and sky in an expressive and beautiful culmination of light and color.

Jolene Mackie is a professional artist, illustrator and graphic designer living and working in Kelowna BC. Her current work bridges her fascination in both the intricacies of paint as a medium, as well as the vast unknowns – like the sea and the sky.

Trained in both painting and graphic design, Jolene has sold and exhibited work in Kelowna, Vancouver, Melbourne and Edinburgh. She was a director and founding member of an artist run center, called 221A in Vancouver BC, and is currently thrilled to be working at heART school downtown Kelowna!

All work is for sale as originals, along with a selection of prints. Commissions are also welcome, and both private and group lessons are available! Please feel free contact Jolene with any comments or questions! | 250.979.8767

Drop by to visit The Streaming Cafe and see  Jolene’s artwork in person!