Featured Roast: Matchstick’s “Adulina”


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We started carrying Matchstick coffee 6 months ago and have been in love with their coffee, packaging (showcasing different art each time) and wonderful customer service ever since. Although there coffee has never disappointed us, I personally have never tasted something as tasty as “Adulina” from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. I will admit I am in love with most African coffees but I do find sometimes they are to citrusy and acidic for enjoying every morning. Adulina is not one of those coffees, it appears to be roasted slightly longer, has a nice full body and the perfect balanced acidity for enjoying first thing in the morning.

We will be ordering a small amount of this coffee weekly until it is no longer available and I highly recommend you coming in and getting some!

“Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, the only country in the world where Coffea Arabica grows wild. As such, some see Ethiopian coffee as the truest reflection of coffee’s potential.” – Matchstick Coffee Roasters

– Michelle


Featured Roast: Kanzu



We’re really excited about the latest beans that have come today from Matchstick Coffee (Vancouver), their “Kanzu” from Rwanda. The Kanzu washing station receives cherries from more than a hundred small hold farmers!!

Once delivered, the cherries are de-pulped using disc pulpers. The coffee is then fermented for up to 24 hours before being washed and then soaked overnight. Initial drying takes places under shade for 2 days before being transfered to raised drying tables under the sun for the remainder of the drying (7-14 days). These long fermentation times, extra soaking and two-phase drying require more work and resources. However, as in most things, the extra effort results in a superior product.

We are selling 340gram bags of Kanzu for $15.00