Visual Artist of the Month- Marissa Baerg


The Streaming Cafe is excited to have the artwork of Marissa Baerg on display for the remainder of march! Marissa paints beautiful imagery and scenic landscapes with coffee pigments.  Come to the Streaming Cafe to see her work in person.

Marissa Baerg

“Adventure, Exploration, Beauty, Design , Journey, Creativity, Untamed, Diversity

These are some of the words that have been defining characteristics in Marissa’s life. She is an adventurer at heart and has had the privilege of traveling and living all over the world. As a self-taught artist with a love for variety and experimentation, she is often seen trying out new styles and techniques. Having explored many diverse cultures, her inspiration can often come from the most unique places.
Her newest series of paintings was originally influenced during a recent trip to Mexico. She encountered a local Mexican artist that was exploring coffee as his painting medium. She was intrigued and idea stuck with her. Since then Marissa has taken the idea of painting with coffee and incorporated it into her art.”


If you’d like to participate in her artistic journey please feel free to contact her.    |    |    778-214-6519


Featured Roast: Matchstick Kiawamururu



This months featured roast is from our friends in Vancouver: Matchstick Coffee.
The Kiawamururu Co-operative Wet Mill is part of the Rumukia Farmers’ Co-operative Society set in the Nyeri District. Kiawamururu receives coffee cherries from roughly 550 smallholder coffee farmers who each tend an average of approximately two hundred coffee plants. Here, 160 km from Nairobi, the Co-operative’s beans are processed on the fertile foothills of Mt. Kenya under the watchful eye of the Operational Manager Peter Kingori.

Within hours of harvest, co-op members deliver their fresh-picked coffee cherries to Kiawamururu where they are weighed, carefully hand-sorted, and de-pulped. The coffee is then carefully washed using fresh water from the nearby Ragati River. Much care is taken to conserve and re-ciruculate as much water as possible during the process.


Origin: Nyeri, Kenya
Process: Washed
Variety: SL28 & SL34
Profile: Brandy, Plum & Honey


Featured Roast: Matchstick’s “Adulina”


Picture 5

We started carrying Matchstick coffee 6 months ago and have been in love with their coffee, packaging (showcasing different art each time) and wonderful customer service ever since. Although there coffee has never disappointed us, I personally have never tasted something as tasty as “Adulina” from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. I will admit I am in love with most African coffees but I do find sometimes they are to citrusy and acidic for enjoying every morning. Adulina is not one of those coffees, it appears to be roasted slightly longer, has a nice full body and the perfect balanced acidity for enjoying first thing in the morning.

We will be ordering a small amount of this coffee weekly until it is no longer available and I highly recommend you coming in and getting some!

“Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, the only country in the world where Coffea Arabica grows wild. As such, some see Ethiopian coffee as the truest reflection of coffee’s potential.” – Matchstick Coffee Roasters

– Michelle


Featured Roast: Kanzu



We’re really excited about the latest beans that have come today from Matchstick Coffee (Vancouver), their “Kanzu” from Rwanda. The Kanzu washing station receives cherries from more than a hundred small hold farmers!!

Once delivered, the cherries are de-pulped using disc pulpers. The coffee is then fermented for up to 24 hours before being washed and then soaked overnight. Initial drying takes places under shade for 2 days before being transfered to raised drying tables under the sun for the remainder of the drying (7-14 days). These long fermentation times, extra soaking and two-phase drying require more work and resources. However, as in most things, the extra effort results in a superior product.

We are selling 340gram bags of Kanzu for $15.00



Windmills EP Release “Tilting”

windmills thumbnail

Streaming Cafe is pleased to present Windmills EP Release Saturday February 9.
The follow-up to “Keep Moving”, “Tilting” is the culmination of 6 months’ recording work and is in the final stages of being mastered into a polished gem in time for the release party.

This is a limited-ticket event, so be sure to purchase your tickets early!



We are selling tickets in the flesh at Streaming Cafe and right here – just use the form below!




Streaming Cafe is proud to present Dear Rouge – 2012 Winner of The PEAK Performance Project with special guest Bed of Stars on their Western Canada tour in support of their new EP release, “Kids Wanna Know”. Dear Rouge (Husband/Wife duo, Drew and Danielle McTaggart) are making a return visit to Kelowna on Thursday January 31, 2013 at Streaming Cafe.dear rouge_LOrez-1

Upon hearing their song, You Step Out Of Nowhere, one has to wonder if Dear Rouge is referring to themselves. With the release of their debut EP, Heads Up Watch Out (released in April 2012), Vancouver-based duo hit the scene with an incredibly accomplished set of songs, production and presence. Now, only six months after their debut release, Dear Rouge have followed up with the five track, Kids Wanna Know EP (released in October 2012).

If this infectious one-two combo wasn’t enough to punch their way into the hearts of alternative music fans, they’re also the 2012 Winner of The PEAK Performance Project, the biggest radio station artist development project in Canada. The PEAK Performance Project is a professional development program to help new and emerging artists create careers in the music industry, with the top prize of $102,700.00 to the winning band.

It doesn’t take long to see that Dear Rouge is a fully realized project, from conception to execution, created and crafted from a perspective only years of professional touring, performing and writing can bring.

Check out the Facebook Event here:

If you can’t make it in person, catch the Livestream show here:


Coffee picking project in Costa Rica – Phil & Sebastian

windmills-ep-release-tilting copy

We have been carrying Phil & Sebastian for almost a year now, they’ve been very influential in improving the quality of our drinks and coffee we serve.

We’re really excited for this project and all the things Phil & Sebastian are doing for the coffee industry!

View it here!


Give the gift of Coffee this Christmas!


With only a week until Christmas, everyone is looking for the perfect last minute gift for their friends and/or loved ones. Look no further..our team has scoured the globe in search of the latest and greatest trends in coffee & brewing culture.

We have something for all levels of coffee geek and have put together a few gift packs to save you time and money.

Come down to the cafe for all your festive coffee needs and check out our online store!

Merry Christmas and Happy BrewYear!