Visual Artist of the Month- Mimi Moylan


We are happy to have the paintings of Mimi Moylan on our walls for the month of January!  Come down to the cafe to see her artwork in person!

For more information on Mimi Moylan and her artwork visit

From studying Interior Design at Georgian College, Mimi went on to start her first business, Mimi Design and Construction – designing children’s bedrooms out of the ordinary with 3D elements coming off the walls, murals and custom furniture.
Mimi then moved to BC where she was hired on by Samesun Backpackers to travel to their locations in Banff, Kelowna, Vancouver and Venice Beach painting amazing murals and meeting some amazing people along the way.
Mimi had the opportunity to participate in Ponderosa Arts and Music Festival for first annual year doing a live art show! Knowing the talent she brings to the table, the Ponderosa crew recruited Mimi to help build the arts component of the festival by developing and coordinating new projects and getting other artists involved.


+ BC Musician Magazine July/August 2014 issue. Page 34.

+ The Hot Box Studio Downtown Kelowna in Bernard ST

+ SameSun Kelowna, Banff and Vancouver.

+ Social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)

+ This years Ponderosa Arts and Music Festival down in Rock Creek 2014

Facebook –
Instagram – @mimimoylanart
Twitter – mimimoylanart
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Phone – 778-990-0004
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Visual Artist of the Month- Elysse Bujold


We have new photography on our walls for the month of august by local artist Elysse Bujold!  Elysse explores abstract photography, capturing natural elements with the use of mirrors and light.  Come down to the Streaming Cafe to see her work in person!


Elysse is a photographer who resides in the beautiful Okanagan valley. Originally born and raised in Guelph, Ontario, she moved to British Columbia when she was eighteen to further her artistic passions and abilities. After struggling through many different mediums, she finally found her niche in abstract photography. Elysse works with mirrors, and natural water resources to produce images that are affected by the movement of water, which continuously alters the image and model. With each image, the state of the water changes aspects of the human form. It may elongate limbs, blur faces, remove aspects of the model’s form altogether, and even make them completely unrecognizable.  Her love of abstract photography, black and white imagery, and the use of light and water together are all important aspects to her photo based creations. She has made Kelowna her home and plans on staying in BC to further her education as well as her artist practice.”

For more information:

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Visual Artist of the Month- Marissa Baerg


The Streaming Cafe is excited to have the artwork of Marissa Baerg on display for the remainder of march! Marissa paints beautiful imagery and scenic landscapes with coffee pigments.  Come to the Streaming Cafe to see her work in person.

Marissa Baerg

“Adventure, Exploration, Beauty, Design , Journey, Creativity, Untamed, Diversity

These are some of the words that have been defining characteristics in Marissa’s life. She is an adventurer at heart and has had the privilege of traveling and living all over the world. As a self-taught artist with a love for variety and experimentation, she is often seen trying out new styles and techniques. Having explored many diverse cultures, her inspiration can often come from the most unique places.
Her newest series of paintings was originally influenced during a recent trip to Mexico. She encountered a local Mexican artist that was exploring coffee as his painting medium. She was intrigued and idea stuck with her. Since then Marissa has taken the idea of painting with coffee and incorporated it into her art.”


If you’d like to participate in her artistic journey please feel free to contact her.    |    |    778-214-6519


Visual Artist of the Month: Jackie Poirier



We are very excited to have the work of Jackie Poirier on display in the cafe for the month of July. Jackie’s photographs explore the intricacies and imperfections of architecture in a dichromatic palette.

Jackie Poirier is a graduate of Fine Arts and Education from the University of Lethbridge, Alberta.  Here, she trained in a wide variety of media and found her love for photography and graphic design. The University’s unique program prepared her to teach from Kindergarten to Grade 12 and led her to follow her passion for teaching young emerging artists in the Okanagan. She has been teaching Visual and Graphic Arts at the senior secondary level since the Fall of 2008.  Teaching Art has not only allowed her to share her love for the arts with her students, but it has consistently fueled her own learning, creativity, and has inspired her to continue on her path as an active artist today.

Currently, Jackie is exploring the effects of time on modern urban existence.  Perceiving a city as an amalgamation of layers allows us to see its harmonious diversity, as well as, its beautiful imperfections.  Juxtapositions of the old and the new; organic and mechanical forms; and grungy textures with clean lines are recurring themes among many of her works.

Limited edition prints are available for all works, framed or unframed.  Commissions welcome. Private and group lessons available.  Please feel free to contact me via phone, email, or drop by heART school Kelowna for inquiries.  |  250.864.9026  |

Come down to the Streaming Cafe and view her work in person!


Artist of the Month: Carrie Harper


We are  very happy to have pieces from the wonderful and talented Carrie Harper hanging on our walls for the month of MayCarrie-in-her-studio-300x225.
Recently, Carrie has built a cultural hub called heART school at 375 Bernard Avenue in Kelowna (conveniently located above Starbucks). There are seven artists working from the space and countless musicians, poets and dancers that visit and inspire. heART school runs workshops, cultural events and listening nights.

more about Carrie Harper
Carrie Harper is a mixed Media artist living in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Carrie is a student of all things Art and Spirituality, in fact she believes that those things are one and the same. Carrie is inspired by Frida Khalo, Georgia O’keefe, Somerset Studio and her guardian Angels. Most of all she is amazed and inspired by her children.


Carrie Harper studied at The Alberta College of Art and Design in the early 1990’s and through the experience she discovered a language of creativity. She appreciated learning a sense of self as well as technical skills. Art school fed right into her fascination with many creative modes and she immersed herself into any medium available; textiles, ceramics, photography, drawing, art history and more. As a painter her childlike love of process shows up in her mixed media work. Carrie uses collage, paint, drawing materials as well as other unexpected mediums. With each she discovers another facet of art making.

For Carrie art is the experience of expression rather than slotting into specific medium or subject.
Carrie believes, good art is not necessarily pretty or appealing, the purpose of art is not always to decorate or please. In our world it is art that sets culture, community and the hum of how we live. Art is never a finished work; painting, poem or play. Art is the story of human connection and the way we come together around those things.



Artist of the Month: Dylan Ranney

cbc-daybreak-town-hall-live-at-streaming-cafe copy

Streaming Cafe is very excited to have the works of Dylan Ranney on our walls for the month of March. Dylan’s display is a collection of human portraits, featuring many generations, nationalities and themes. All of the works are for sale, so please be sure to come down to the cafe to see the incredible pieces in person!

Dylan Ranney is a Vancouver born visual and performing artist who moved to Kelowna at the age of 10, and has 1673046_orig-1over the past 4 years contributed as a local artist in the Okanagan.  Dylan has enjoyed over a decade as a performing percussionist in the valley, He is an avid traveler, hiker, and global citizen at heart.   He has exhibited work in several shows in various Okanagan galleries including the Vertigo Gallery, and the UBCO FINA Gallery, and a solo painting exhibition at the Alternator Center for Contemporary Art. Ranney has done several commissioned paintings, and took part in the Mad Hatter installation project under Byron Johnston.  Dylan also paints public murals as a collaborative duo with local artist Liz Dumontet.

Dylan volunteers at Thrive Afterschool Club, working as a child-care attendant and program coordinator with seven years prior experience working with kids at various summer camps and mentoring programs.

Dylan recently displayed work at the “Exhibition from the In-Between World” held at the Okanagan French Cultural Centre, and also at this years Ecotone festival held at the Rotary Centre for the Arts. Currently, Dylan Ranney is exhibiting paintings at the Streaming Cafe on Leon Ave. in Kelowna until the end of March, 2013.  Ranney is also active in the Kelowna music scene as drummer with ambient rock band, ‘Oceans Apart’.  Look for ‘Oceans Apart’ this coming summer at ‘Parks Alive’.