Visual Artist of the Month- Jayme Tetreault

We are happy to have the paintings of Jayme Tetreault on our walls for the month of December!  Come down to the cafe to see her artwork in person!
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Jayme Tetreault was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba but was raised in Okanagan where she currently resides. She spent much of her life living on the coast of BC and also spent years traveling abroad. She is self-taught, having been raised in an artistic family and has integrated art throughout different phases of her life. Jayme creates mostly abstract designs on canvas and most recently developed a unique style with acrylic ink.



Visual Artist of the Month- Nikki Balfour

jessicag011714-R5-E123We are happy to have the paintings of Nikki Balfour on our walls for the month of November!  Come down to the cafe to see her artwork in person!
For more information about Nikki Balfour and her artwork visit

Nikki Balfour Bio
Born in BC and growing up in the Okanangan, Nikki has been exposed and inspired by the beauty of the mountains and lakes. In her younger years Nikki was often found sketching in her text books where a common theme of figures, faces, and details of nature often appeared. After high school she pursued her love for makeup artistry and graduated in 2002. In late 2005 an opportunity presented itself to pursue art full time and she took the leap, she has been devoted to painting ever since, always knowing she wanted to have a job where she could reign in her love for creativity. What began as an innocent love for color, textures and paint, soon grew into a love and appreciation for sharing her art with the public. This in turn led to getting involved with community events, artist talks, and solo/group shows within BC.Misty sky

Nikki first began painting about ten years ago, and through an attitude of openness and discovery, she developed her own unique techniques of freestyle abstract painting. Inspired by the colors on her palette, the music on her playlist, and the ideas floating around in her mind she begins to paint, working in the moment allowing the paint to move and wander on the canvas. She often describes the process like dancing on canvas with a paint brush; abstract, expressive, and free. She enjoys the therapy this process brings her and finds it fulfilling when people respond with feeling and emotion from her art.