Danny Michel (LIVE!) & his vintage 1978 Star Trek Van

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Life’s too short not to tour Canada in a vintage 1978 Star Trek Van, right? So that’s exactly what Danny Michel be doing this June. Before recording a new album Danny thought he’d hit the road and test drive any new songs in front of some live audiences. But that’s not all. Along the way he’ll also begin filming a music show called “Dan’s Space Van” that will become a free webcast in the following months. The show will feature and interview musical guests across Canada. Of course, they’ll also perform IN the van. We’ve already lined up a bunch of familiar faces. He also tracked down the artist that airbrushed this gem in 1980. We’ll definitely stop and visit him too. Think of it as a mobile version of our “School Night Mondays” shows…it just happens to take place in a Star Trek-themed van”.

danny michel SOLD OUTWith two Juno nominations and six solo albums to his credit, Danny Michel is one of the finest and most charming songwriters to grace the stage. His honest and straight-forward lyrics, earnest live performances and witty stage banter have earned him a devoted global fan base. If you’ve seen Danny live in concert, you’re probably already a fan. If you haven’t, you are missing out on one of this country’s undiscovered musical treasures” (Toronto Star).

Streaming Cafe is proud to present Danny Michel on Saturday, June 6!
Show at 8pm – Doors at 7pm
The show is sold out

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