Fish & Bird at Streaming Cafe


We are happy to have Fish and Bird back at the cafe October 3 supporting their new release SOMETHING IN THE ETHER released Sept 30.


Raised on equal parts roots music and Radiohead, Fish & Bird have received praise on both sides of the Atlantic for their refreshingly unclichéd writing. With their upcoming fourth album, Something in the forestposter11x17_fishbirdwebEther, (in stores in fall 2014), the young Canadian band continue to reimagine folk music for a new generation.

The group members have been friends more or less since childhood, growing up in the small community of idyllic Mayne Island, a remote 900-person island off the west coast of British Columbia. Songwriter Taylor Ashton and fiddler Adam Iredale-Gray formed Fish & Bird in 2007, based on a shared interest in traditional old-time music. They quickly found that their musical interests spanned many genres and styles of music, including jazz and indie rock. The duo gradually grew into a five-piece and now, 7 years later – after extensive cross-continent touring and growing critical acclaim – the alt-folk force is set to release their most ambitious effort to date.

The two founding members are joined by drummer Ben Kelly, electric guitarist Ryan Boeur, and upright bassist Zoe Guigueno, presenting a collection of songs that effortlessly fuse their traditional folk influences and experimental leanings into a coherent, modern-day roots opus.

The album was engineered and masterfully produced by Adam Iredale-Gray, whose studio is situated on his family’s sheep farm on Mayne Island. Surrounded by giant trees and the Pacific Ocean, this isolated location continues to create the perfect setting for the band’s creative process to breathe. Away from the demands and over-stimulation of the city, the band were able to fully focus on realizing the songs the way they needed to be played.

While the studio is literally in the house where Adam grew up, the property is in many ways a second home for the band. This is especially important given that nowadays the members of the band are spread across the continent – with Boeur and Kelly in Vancouver, Iredale-Gray attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, and Ashton spending time immersing himself in the innovative music scenes of Toronto and New York. But when it comes time to create, the members choose to suspend their respective metropolitan existences to create the unique brand of folk they have become known for.

The writing on the new LP explores the ethereal forces that drive human behaviour, from the vast influence of the moon and the ocean in “Cold Salty”, to the inexplicable chemistry that magnetizes one person to another in “Something In The Ether”, to the way a sunrise changes a scene in “Go-To-Bed Light”. Taylor Ashton’s prolific and thoughtful songwriting has come to be appreciated in its own right, being featured on Corin Raymond’s “Paper Nickels”, a showcase of Canada’s best songwriters, and covered by numerous artists. As Ashton delivers profound insights in his “rich and compelling voice” (EXCLAIM! Magazine) to innovative arrangements and mature, restrained playing, it’s hard to believe that you’re listening to a group of musicians only in their mid-twenties. The future looks brighter than ever for Fish & Bird.


Visual Artist of the Month- Carrie Harper


We have art on our walls for the month of September by local artist Carrie Harper! Carrie Harper is a mixed Media artist living in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Come down to the Streaming Cafe to see her works in person!

Carrie Harper online: &

Contact info:

~Art is not the pieces we make or sell but our bravery to tell a story that no other can tell~

I remember the first time I said “artist” in relationship to myself. I puked up alittle of my lunch as the word left my mouth. It’s a funny thing, it felt like a brag or ego trip. I went home that night and thought about the power I attached to my vocation. If I was a plumber or a lawyer I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have had the same bile flavour as ‘Artist’. I believe that being an artist, working as someone who imagines and subsequently makes from imaginings, requires courage. I’ve never thought of myself as a brave person because I think I wished for more courage. It’s a relative thing and I realize that I am courageous though I have experienced turmoil and joy in my life. I am a student of all things Art and Spirituality, I hold dear that those two things are one and the same. I have the courage and surprisingly, the humility to call myself an artist, now, and my closest relationships are with artists so in 2013 I started heART school. I named it, created it and operate it out of a desire to perpetuate learning through creativity, collaboration and connectivity.

I studied at The Alberta College of Art and Design in the early 1990’s and discovered my own language of creativity above all else. I’m a mixed media painter who uses collage, paint, drawing and unexpected mediums. As my life is in constant flux and reformation so is my process that is reflected in my paintings. I know for sure that I will dream up and execute ideas until I’m one day unable and I will share openly my ways of an abundant life in the arts.Art as I know it is the story of human connection and the way we come together around those things. “Our digital devices have become a definer of our identities much like cars did in the last century. I see art as being part of that definition. Lately, I have been getting my art onto many people’s devices in my local area and would love to extend it out into the world.”