Visual Artist of the Month- Elysse Bujold


We have new photography on our walls for the month of august by local artist Elysse Bujold!  Elysse explores abstract photography, capturing natural elements with the use of mirrors and light.  Come down to the Streaming Cafe to see her work in person!


Elysse is a photographer who resides in the beautiful Okanagan valley. Originally born and raised in Guelph, Ontario, she moved to British Columbia when she was eighteen to further her artistic passions and abilities. After struggling through many different mediums, she finally found her niche in abstract photography. Elysse works with mirrors, and natural water resources to produce images that are affected by the movement of water, which continuously alters the image and model. With each image, the state of the water changes aspects of the human form. It may elongate limbs, blur faces, remove aspects of the model’s form altogether, and even make them completely unrecognizable.  Her love of abstract photography, black and white imagery, and the use of light and water together are all important aspects to her photo based creations. She has made Kelowna her home and plans on staying in BC to further her education as well as her artist practice.”

For more information:

visit her website at

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Kat Burns ( KASHKA , Forest City Lovers) live at Streaming Cafe



We are kicking off our fall line-up on Friday, September 5 with performance from Toronto based artist Kat Burns. Kat is touring intimate spaces and house concerts  playing solo sets of select KASHKA and Forest City Lovers songs, exploring much of her discography over the last few years.

If aren’t familiar with her work check out a few videos. It’s going to be a great show so come out, enjoy and show your support!

$10 tickets available at Streaming Cafe or online here!