Launching the Fall line-up!


After a short break for the month of August, we’re excited to roll out a wicked fall line-up of live shows coming your way in September.

Check out all our upcoming shows and events @

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Artist of the Month- John van der Woude & Cynthia Gunsinger


The Streaming Cafe has new art up on the wall for the month of July! Come down and check out artwork by two local artists!

jvdwJohn van der Woude:

“I was born and raised in British Columbia and initially studied art and design at Camosun College in Victoria, BC. I later received my BFA (Interdisciplinary) degree from NSCAD University in Halifax, NS in 2007. I’m an award-winning artist who has shown work across the country. My work is in numerous public and private collections. I’m also a freelance graphic designer and run my own design business, John van der Woude Designs. You can check out my design portfolio at I currently live in Kelowna, BC.

This series of photographs of popular breakfast cereals, named Cereals, are an homage to this childhood ritual and can serve both as a pleasant memory of these experiences and as an alarming reminder of what it is that we were eating as children – essentially a noxious combination of sugar and grains. When these individually isolated cereals are blown-up to a size much larger than life, the textures, the production quality and the similarities than run through all of these cereals become visible. It’s a casual reminder of some of our most pleasant childhood memories, but also that some things are best left to childhood.” | | 250.878.2426 __________________________________________________________________________________

gsngrCynthia Gunsinger:

“Cynthia Gunsinger is happy to be living and painting in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, after a retreat to Squam Art Workshops in New Hampshire in 2008 uncoiled her yearning for paint and glue on her fingers. Longtime crafter and textile artist, Cynthia uses acrylics, mixed media and abstraction playfully in her colourful collections.” | | @gunsinger | 647.406.5045