Jay Malinowski & The Deadcoast – (SOLD OUT)


z0JLC1e_VZv620z6QwlkSm4mrxVQi_DphlT4tC4UTv0Jay Malinowski & The Deadcoast will be performing at the cafe on Sunday, March 23 with special guest Astral Swan. Jay is best known for his work as frontman for Canadian trio Bedouin Soundclash.
Martel will be released on February 11th through Pirates Blend / Sony. An eighteen-song album, dichotomously perched between two sides, The Pacific and The Atlantic (tracklisting below), that brings to life the perpetually curious side of Bedouin Soundclash’s front man Jay Malinowski. Using the tumultuous life of his ancestor, Charles Martel, as a springboard, this album is part family tree; part introspective. The interactive website – www.whoismartel.com – houses a treasure chest full of audio and visual pieces of Martel, including the lyric video for the first single, Patience Phipps, and a black and white video for Tall Shadow From Saint-Malo.

“I’m really looking forward to bringing Martel alive onstage, enlisting the help of Krief (The Dears) and Vancouver three-piece string trio The End Tree into our onstage crew,” describes Jay Malinowski. “This show is going to be a departure from the past. It’s moody, ominous, destructive and beautiful all at the same time. Martel is a sailor, a man confronting his world. The audience participating in the story is integral, and we all can’t wait to start that journey. Come down friends, meet us at the gate.”


This show is SOLD OUT.
Watch the live stream of the show @ http://www.streamingcafe.net/


Visual Artist of the Month-Mahla Shapiro



The Streaming Cafe is pleased to have the artwork of Mahla Shapiro up on the walls for the month of February!

Mahla Shapiro is currently a Vancouver based artist, and her series ‘Po V’Sham(Here and There)’ explores the ‘polarization of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem’.  Shapiro‘s work will be up until the end of February, and all work is available for purchase.

Po V’Sham (Here and There)

“Mahla has followed her dreams and come from Toronto to the West Coast to live and work as an artist. She completed her BFA at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, and furthered her Art Education at the Ontario College of Art and Design and New York’s School of Visual Art. From there her inspiration let loose, and she began creating, striking a balance between work and play in her studio.

Her Print Making, Painting, and Photography has taken her around the world. Completing Visual Art Residencies in both New York and Ireland, Mahla has had the good fortune of pursuing her dreams and showing her work both across Canada and internationally. Her work is published, and she has several pieces in permanent collections including Berlin and at the Charles H. Scott Gallery and Truth and Beauty Gallery in Vancouver.

Currently, Mahla pursues her work in a studio practice at Malaspina on Granville Island, while working as an Art Teacher in West Vancouver. She also works as an Artist in Residence in classrooms across The Lower Mainland through Art Starts, a BC initiative to bring professional artists into the classroom in all grades.

In this exhibition, Po V’Sham (Here and There), Shapiro depicts the polarization between two large city centers in Israel; a place very dear to her heart. The contrast between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv is stark. Politically, socially, economically, religiously and historically, the cities are worlds apart. Tel Aviv is a coastal, secular, pluralistic city with a Western outlook, which thrives off of the successes of Israel’s high tech sector. In contrast, Jerusalem is the Holiest city on Earth, steeped in ancient history, where Jewish tradition is outwardly celebrated in daily life.

Having lived and studied religion, language and philosophy for a year in Jerusalem, Shapiro has just returned from another visit to the Holy Land, capturing moments in time that bring insight and an intangible tactility into a foreign land and unique cultures.”

Contact Mahla Shapiro at:

(778) 875 – 7751      |       mahlashapiro89@gmail.com      |   http://blogs.ubc.ca/mshapiro/