Featured Roast: Matchstick Kiawamururu



This months featured roast is from our friends in Vancouver: Matchstick Coffee.
The Kiawamururu Co-operative Wet Mill is part of the Rumukia Farmers’ Co-operative Society set in the Nyeri District. Kiawamururu receives coffee cherries from roughly 550 smallholder coffee farmers who each tend an average of approximately two hundred coffee plants. Here, 160 km from Nairobi, the Co-operative’s beans are processed on the fertile foothills of Mt. Kenya under the watchful eye of the Operational Manager Peter Kingori.

Within hours of harvest, co-op members deliver their fresh-picked coffee cherries to Kiawamururu where they are weighed, carefully hand-sorted, and de-pulped. The coffee is then carefully washed using fresh water from the nearby Ragati River. Much care is taken to conserve and re-ciruculate as much water as possible during the process.


Origin: Nyeri, Kenya
Process: Washed
Variety: SL28 & SL34
Profile: Brandy, Plum & Honey


Visual Artist of the Month- Leanne Spanza

Leanne Spanza

Leanne ArtThe Streaming Cafe is excited to have the bold and vibrant paintings of Leanne Spanza on our walls for the month of October!

Leanne Spanza is a Lake Country based artist who has lived in the Okanagan since 2006 and was raised in North Vancouver, BC. She has been extensively exhibiting her work professionally since 2010 and has been painting in her signature style for the past ten years. Inspired by the rolling hills of the Okanagan, the peaks of the Kootenays, the Rocky Mountains and the rising Coast Mountains from the Pacific, she focuses on simple lines and bold colours to capture British Columbia’s landscapes.

September 2010 Leanne participated in ArtWalk, which initiated her professional career as an artist with great enthusiasm. Since then, she has shown her work in galleries, wineries, local businesses and her piece ”Kelowna North’ was selected to be hung in the new Pediatrics wing of Kelowna General Hospital.  Always seeking opportunities to travel BC to sketch, photograph and paint Leanne was selected with five other artists from BC to participate in ‘Art in the Park’ in July 2011, where she was toured through the back country of Glacier National Park, creating art to celebrate 100 years of Parks Canada. In January 2012, Therapy Vineyards in Naramata featured her painting ‘Okanagan Hills’ on their Artist Series wine label. 2012 also showcased Leanne’s first solo exhibition at the Gibsons Public Art Gallery April 19-May 14. September 2012, Leanne and her family moved to the beautiful Okanagan Centre, just north of Kelowna. This summer Leanne showcased a collection of her paintings for the first time on Vancouver Island at the Rollin Arts Centre in Port Alberni.

Today Leanne paints as much as she can while raising her children Joni and Jack with her husband Carl.  Her paintings are currently represented at M Gallery in Penticton and ArtFirst Gallery in Revelstoke.

For more information, contact Leanne: leannespanza@gmail.com or visit her website www.leannespanza.com