Visual Artist of the Month- Hanss Lujan


HanssThe Streaming Cafe is excited to have the photography of Hanss Lujan on our walls for the remainder of September!  Hanss Lujan has recently returned from traveling in Peru where he explored his cultural roots and spiritual heritage.

“Ukukus: Hungry Earth, Vengeful Stars”

Hanss Lujan is a wanderer within his own culture. During a 2-month trip back home to Peru, he took part in several ceremonial festivals and pilgrimages; it was then that he encountered the Ukukus.

The Ukuku plays a pivotal role in the reciprocity and nurturance of spirituality of the Cusco Region of Peru. In Andean mythology, the Ukuku personifies mediation between the underworld and the present world. His persona is informed by the dualities of the universe.

According to the myth, they are the offspring of a mountain bear and a peasant woman. This duality gives them a strong perspective of both the natural world and the human one, however it also limits them. This half man, half beast is not civilized enough to live amongst the humans and not wild enough to join the animal packs. He is seen as a mediator between two worlds

The Ukukus are performers as well as supervisors of the ceremonies. They command and maintain the order of the festivals. However the Ukuku himself is a genuine prankster who innocently plays in the fiesta, joining the dances and games played during the festival. This marks him as the mediator between order and disorder.

This exhibition documents their performances and ceremonies throughout the festival of Qoyllur Rit’i in the Sinkara Valley and the festival of the Virgen del Carmen in Paucartambo.


Hanss Lujan is a 23-year-old artist from Cusco, Peru. He recently graduated from the University of British Columbia, Okanagan with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts and a Minor in Art History and Visual Culture. His research topics include Andean spirituality, transcendence and the exploration of memory.

Feel free to contact the artist regarding inquiries on any of the photos presented. |250.826.0995|

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Daniel Romano with Grey Kingdom Oct 11th!


drsept27posterblankStreaming Cafe is very proud to present Daniel Romano and the Trilliums Band with special guest Grey Kingdom Friday, October 11.

Only 50 seats available for this show, so get your tix before they are gone! Tickets are now onsale and available online @ or at Streaming Cafe or Mosiac Books locations


“Cause where there’s riches, There’s a hardship.”

The King of Mosey takes his show on the road this fall, with a series of headline appearances across Canada with The Trilliums as backing band and numerous special guests at stops along the way.
Daniel Romano’s Polaris Long Listed album, Come Cry With Me, marked his full-blown evolution as a classic country artist from head to toe. Romano’s aesthetic goes beyond mimesis; there’s an elusive, singular quality to his songwriting that makes his music impossible to classify as simply revivalist or retro. A recent feature on “6 Canadian Artists Helping To Save Country Music” (a piece that includes Corb Lund and The Sadies) points to the unique effect that Daniel Romano’s music has on the listener: “But Romano is not a neo-traditionalist in the traditional sense. He’s not trying to regale the modern ear with a new take on the classic country sound. Instead he is like the method actor of classic country, carving out his niche by offering a strict interpretation of classic country’s modes with striking accuracy.” Read the full story here –

Daniel is in the process of making a new live EP for sale exclusively while on tour. The EP will feature new versions of songs from both Come Cry With Me and Sleep Beneath The Willow, as well as unreleased material he has recorded since.

Get a sneak peek of a new song, “Hardship,” in this stark, striking video courtesy of Massey Hall

Mosey music is a study in contrasts. There’s glitz and grit, reveling and wallowing, wretchedness and showmanship. Mosey music’s pioneers wore their battered hearts on sequined sleeves. From Bakersfield to Galveston, the legends traded their tragicomic highs and lows for gold records and white Cadillacs. But that was then; the days of Buckaroos, Nudie Suits and various Hanks are over, save for the museum displays. To quote a George Jones title track, “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes?”

Enter Daniel Romano, a songwriter who delivers mosey croonin’ and hard luck storytelling. While references to marquee names like Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard are apparent in Romano’s music, the obvious influences certainly don’t demystify his talent. Romano works with equal parts authenticity and creativity, and his musical world is rich with archetypes and archrivals, wry observations and earnest confessions.

Romano’s solo debut, Workin’ For The Music Man (2010) announced a new artistic bearing. The follow-up, Sleep Beneath The Willow, was pure honky tonk poetry, and again received impressive response from all corners. The “dreamy homage to a bygone country-music era” (Globe & Mail) made the Polaris Long List, and solidified Romano’s reputation as a solo artist.

Come Cry With Me furthers his Mosey aesthetic, musical and visual. Again self-produced and played, for the most part, by himself, Romano’s new album continues with themes of bad choices, hard times, boozing and losing. Amidst the tales of woebegone orphans, family knots and broken hearts, there are spoken word yarns that recall Hank Williams-as-Luke The Drifter. Romano’s deep rumbling baritone vocal dips serve, conversely, to lighten the mood, leaving no doubt that this artist knows how to deliver a punch line.

Come Cry With Me was released on Normaltown Records on January 22, 2013.


Great Lake Swimmers Solo show



Streaming Cafe is very proud to present Tony Dekker of Great Lake Swimmers on Monday, October 7.

With only 50 seats available for this show, it’s a rare oportunity to see Tony up close in an intimate setting. Tickets are now onsale and available online @ or at Streaming Cafe or Mosiac Books locations

RSongwriter Tony Dekker is taking a short break from fronting his critically acclaimed band Great Lake Swimmers to release a solo album called Prayer of the Woods, which will be released on October 8 in North America and is available for pre-order now on iTunes (available in Europe/UK/GSA in November). Prayer of the Woods, which Dekker refers to as a “musical interlude” between Great Lake Swimmers albums, features 10 tracks: 8 new and original songs as well as covers of “Land of the Glass Pinecones” by ’80s new wave act Human Sexual Response and “Carefree Highway” by Gordon Lightfoot. Preview tracks from the album below.

Tony Dekker “Prayer of the Woods”Album Preview:

Tony Dekker has announced tour dates in Canada this fall to support the upcoming album release. See below for full tour listing.

Tony Dekker will be going with WWF-Canada (World Wildlife Fund) on a trip this month to the Great Bear region on the north coast of British Columbia. The Great Bear is a Canadian ecological treasure, one of the richest and most spectacular ecosystems on earth and home to the rare white Spirit Bear. For the past year, it has been at the centre of a high profile national debate about the Northern Gateway Project that proposes to build twin oil pipelines from Alberta through the Great Bear, and transport oil across B.C. coastal waters. Tony Dekker is a WWF supporter and advocates for the protection of the region as a Canadian for the Great Bear.

Tony Dekker Tour Dates:

Thu, September 26 –North Bay ON @ Voyager Inn
Fri, September 27 –Sault Ste. Marie ON @ Cafe Nutura
Sat, September 28 –Thunder Bay ON @ Finlandia Hall
Sun, September 29 –Winnipeg MB @ Folk Exchange
Tues, October 1 –Bruno SK @ The Bruno Arts Bank
Wed, October 2 –Regina SK @ The Artful Dodger Café
Fri, October 4 –Canmore AB @ Communitea Café
Mon, October 7 –Kelowna BC @ Streaming Café
Tues, October 8 –Vancouver BC @ Chapel Arts
Wed, October 9 –Vancouver BC @ Chapel Arts
Sat, October 12 –Slocan BC @ Little Slocan Lodge
Wed, October 16 –Saskatoon SK @ The Bassment
Mon, October 21 –Sharbot Lake ON @ Sharbot Lake Country Inn
Tues, October 22 –Wakefield QC @ Black Sheep Inn
Thu, October 23 –Montreal QC @ Le Cagibi
Sat, October 26 –Halifax NS @ St. Matthew’s United Church – HALIFAX POP EXPLOSION
Sun, October 27 –Miramichi NB @ The Miramichi’s Home Concert