Streaming Cafe is proud to present Dear Rouge – 2012 Winner of The PEAK Performance Project with special guest Bed of Stars on their Western Canada tour in support of their new EP release, “Kids Wanna Know”. Dear Rouge (Husband/Wife duo, Drew and Danielle McTaggart) are making a return visit to Kelowna on Thursday January 31, 2013 at Streaming Cafe.dear rouge_LOrez-1

Upon hearing their song, You Step Out Of Nowhere, one has to wonder if Dear Rouge is referring to themselves. With the release of their debut EP, Heads Up Watch Out (released in April 2012), Vancouver-based duo hit the scene with an incredibly accomplished set of songs, production and presence. Now, only six months after their debut release, Dear Rouge have followed up with the five track, Kids Wanna Know EP (released in October 2012).

If this infectious one-two combo wasn’t enough to punch their way into the hearts of alternative music fans, they’re also the 2012 Winner of The PEAK Performance Project, the biggest radio station artist development project in Canada. The PEAK Performance Project is a professional development program to help new and emerging artists create careers in the music industry, with the top prize of $102,700.00 to the winning band.

It doesn’t take long to see that Dear Rouge is a fully realized project, from conception to execution, created and crafted from a perspective only years of professional touring, performing and writing can bring.

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If you can’t make it in person, catch the Livestream show here:


Coffee picking project in Costa Rica – Phil & Sebastian

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We have been carrying Phil & Sebastian for almost a year now, they’ve been very influential in improving the quality of our drinks and coffee we serve.

We’re really excited for this project and all the things Phil & Sebastian are doing for the coffee industry!

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Rolling out new events for 2013


Streaming Cafe welcomes you to 2013 with a wide variety of shows featuring everything from live music and discussion, to open mic music + poetry nights.

Be sure to check out our facebook events page for specific event listings!

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Cafe Art Display: Madelyn Hamilton


We are very pleased to be hosting some fantastic works on the cafe walls by the talented Madelyn Hamilton.
Her art will be showcased for the next month, so come down and enjoy! Visit Madelyn’s website for more information on her art.



Madelyn is a working artist who has resided in West Kelowna for the past 37 years. During those years her images and ideas have evolved through many varied transitions. The degree in Fine Arts was a significant catalyst for continuing and provocative thought processes.

The deep concern for an environment at risk is reflected in her images of a natural world that is interconnected with the presence of humanity. Art surfaces are highly textured and nature based, often with subtle additions of human and natural objects, and interpreted in a semi abstract style. Viewers can place their understanding of the works as based upon their own personal life experiences.

The creation of art requires a discipline of persistence and a plethora of ideas. Neither come easily. Madelyn, however, is in her home studio most days, with a relentless desire to bring those ideas and innermost feelings outward on to a matrix. There, eventually, and perhaps over a very lengthy time frame, the physical painting itself will be concluded.