Greg Sczebel – Christmas Show!

The holiday season in on our door step again. Along with santa and turkey, one of the staples of this festive season is Christmas music! We are happy to be hosting “A Verry Merry Soulful Christmas” with Greg Sczebel, Dec 18th. Greg is currently recording his Christmas album in the not so winter wonderland of Los Angeles, California and hopes to have it released in December. This will be an amazing concert of original and old classic Christmas tunes with Greg’s own twist.

If you are lucky enough to be in Kelowna, Saturday, December 18th and want to watch this show in person, you can purchase advance tickets at Streaming Cafe (596 Leon). Tickets are $20, seating is limited so get your tickets soon… they’re going to go fast!
The show will also be broadcast live online at 7pm PST @
Greg`s website –


Yukon Blonde’s Brandon Wolfe Scott – Upcoming Show!


New to SC – Send in your questions directly to the artist!

        In the past, Streaming Cafe`s live streamed concerts have had a host that has taken the online viewers through the show and directed questions to the performing artists.  We`re really excited to be experimenting as of late with the viewer posting their questions through our live feed directly to the artist. This allows you the viewer a chance to be part of the performance by requesting your favorite song or asking that question that you always wanted to know!
       We`ve had very positive feedback from the artists that have taken part so far, and we`d love to hear what you think….so leave a comment and let us know!



Greg Sczebel – Peak Performance and His Landing of a Weekly Radio Show

Salmon Arm`s Greg Sczebel has made a lot of waves as of late. Greg just took home 3 awards at the 32nd Annual Covenant Awards , and placed 4th overall in the four-month career-development project – 2010 Peak Performance, giving him a cheque for 10,000.

Greg is now stretching into a new area of the music biz hosting a weekly radio show on Kelowna`s Q103.1. This is set to feature mostly independent artists music, industry guests and people involved in social justice.
I don`t have a specific time the show will air but stay tuned to for details.

here`s a clip from one of Greg’s performances at Streaming Cafe.


Andy Shauf Performing this month!

Here an update on the November 13th show…
Coby Grant was not able to get through Canadian customs due to visa issues, so in replace we are very happy to have Andy Shauf joining Zachary Lucky. It’s amazingly one year to the date that Andy and Zachary performed at Streaming Cafe.
Be sure to check out their music


Coby Grant – Bon Aqua TV Commercial Featuring "A Song About Me"

Hey everyone,
Coby Grant on her way back to her home in Australia is gracing the Streaming Cafe stage this month. Her first world tour, named “Coby Grant Is My Friend” World Tour was sparked by the success of her tune “A Song About Me” that was picked up for a commercial for the European Coca Cola product Bon Aqua. For the commercial the song was re-recorded in Swedish and has also been re-recorded in Finnish, Danish and Norwegian but Iceland has kept the English version. It must be a pretty cool thing to hear your song redone in so many languages!

Check out these videos… the Swedish Bon Aqua commercial and Coby’s actual music video below, go to her website ( and be sure to watch her LIVE streamed concert Sat., November 13th, 7pm PST @!

Bon Aqua TV Commercial Featuring “A Song About Me” 

A Song About Me- Coby Grant