Stolen Coast

Here is a song from Stolen Coast last time they stopped by the Streaming Cafe.



This weekend we got a couple rock bands with Maurice, signed to David Foster Warner Bros. Records subsidiary and Stolen Coast, a local sibling rock duo. Maurice in June released their debut album. They’ve been opening for some big names including Raine Maida, Hedley, Pilate Speed (formerly Pilate).
Here is a fan video from on of their 2008 shows.

But if you want to get a taste of their more recent and polished studio recordings here is their first single which you can download on their website.

<a href="">Kerosene by Maurice</a>

Promises to be a good weekend. Stolen Coast on Friday 8pm Pacific and Maurice Saturday same time.

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Ari Neufeld and Kim McMechan

After a few difficulties, the Eisenhauer, Sheree Plett and Lance Odegard show is rebroadcasting. It was a great show. To have three songwriters playing and backing each other up makes for a great energy. The three songwriters also brought a great diversity. Sheree Plett a great lyricist, Eisenhauer the melodist and Lance Odegard the understated-ist. Sheree and Eisenhauer were here before so I had an extra keen eye on Lance who did not disappoint. Check out his two new albums at The songs “Oregon” and “Entropy” really stuck out to me (both on his new records). 

We’re gearing up this week for a killer weekend with Kim McMechan and Ari Neufeld. Ari’s recently put out a new CD. The new record “The Lost Tapes (vol 4)” draws together his captivating live show and adds instrumentation to produce a wonderfully raw studio recording. It’s going to be two great shows.
Here is a sneak peak at Ari and Kim the last times they played at the Streaming Cafe.


Distinctively Canadiana

I stumbled upon this review of Eisenhaur’s new album “time of year.” Josiah Hughes, Exclaim! magazine, says Eisenahuer and Plett have a “distinctively Canadian approach to song.”That makes me think  that Eisenhauer and Sheree Plett will be the perfect beginning to fall. A distinctively Canadian fall I might add. 
Here is the full review from Exclaim! magazine

Vancouver, BC-based indie pop quintet Eisenhauer — fronted by married couple Jeremy Eisenhauer and Sheree Plett — have proven themselves withTime of Year, their sophomore album. Like their label chief and producer Jonathan Anderson, the band explore an often quiet, distinctly Canadian approach to song craft. Complete with lush guitars and a muted rhythm section, the band paint an ideal backdrop for their soothing harmonies. Songs like “What Have I Done?” and the title track are perfected in their wintry lull, while “Feel The Same” and “Sunday” show an up-tempo side. In feebler hands, this music could come across as boring but on Time of Year, Eisenhauer prove they have the restraint to work best in hushed tones. (Anniedale) 



Eisenhuaer and Sheree Plett back at Streaming Cafe

This Friday we have Eisenhauer and Sheree Plett returning to the cafe, with Lance Odegard ( Here is the video of the last time this couple played at the Streaming Cafe. This Friday promises to be a little more upbeat as they are now traveling with a band.


The Release -Jam Bands

This weekend we have a new type of band at the streaming cafe. A Jam Band called The Release. They are currently embarking on a cross Canada tour. With influences from Phish to Mogwai to Wilco it promises to be an pyschodelic evening at the Streaming Cafe.

On Saturday we’re looking forward to the flavourful indie pop of Behind Saphire. Hailing from the Lower Mainland this pop duo promised to put on a great show.

Another great weekend at
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The Canadian Sound

What a show we had this Saturday at the Streaming Cafe. One of the best yet. Liam and Brent Titcomb packed out the cafe and put on a spell binding performance. All in all it was great music in support of a great organization WarChild. 
And after the holiday weekend everybody is back to work. It feels like the summer is over and we’re moving quickly in the next season. It’s time to trade in your coronas for hopheads and listen to some long winded singers in place of the snappy pop songs of summer. Well at least that’s what I’ll be doing; just listening to some Matthew Barber. 
Liam, during the Saturday show, referenced the audience as being Canadian, doing a Canadian thing listening to Brent Titcomb and his son. And just a little while ago we had Treelines which Rhys Albrecht, the host, called a quintessential Canadian rock band. It’s odd talking about music that has a Canadian sound but I think we could say that both Treelines, Matthew Barber, Liam and Breant Titcomb all have a Canadian sound. And that is the kind of sound I want to hear going into the next season. 

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Liam Titcomb Counting Headlights

Here is a music video from Liam Titcomb playing at the Cafe this Saturday 8pm PST. Check out this show live a free.


Liam Titcomb with Brent Titcomb

Well it’s been busy at the Streaming Cafe the last couple weeks. Last friday Loren, a folk artist from Australia, put on an amazing concert at the end of his Canadian tour. We are now getting ready to host Liam Titcomb with Brent Titcomb (Lee Harvey Osmond): Two very accomplished musicians playing together in support of WarChild.
I’ve been listening almost everyday to Rich Terfry on CBC radio 2 drive. He’s known as a member of Buck 65 but he’s got a knack for putting on a great radio show. He puts together an eclectic mix of indie folk, roots, rock and RnB music. What I like about the show is that Rich often tells you where the artist he’s playing are playing live that night all across Canada. I heard Lee Harvey Osmond, a great alt-country band with Brent Titcomb and Tom Wilson (ikons in the Canadian music scene), was playing in Kelowna just down the road from my house. Now Brent’s joining Liam Titcomb at the Streaming Cafe.
Check out the show sometime (now on the cbc iphone app around the world) and on the CBC radio 2 weekdays from 330pm to 7pm local time.
Abandin All Hope, a punk band from Fort McMurray, is with us this friday and Liam and Brent Titcomb will put on the show Saturday in benefit of WarChild. It’s going to be a great weekend at the Streaming Cafe. All the shows start at 8pm Pacific.
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